Azura Wildclaw

A blue furry elf woman with cat-like eyes, a tail and a vendetta against Demons!


Sorcerer (Striker)

AC = 19 | Fort = 15 | REF = 18 | Will = 13

HP = 49 | Spd = 7 | Init = +7

Trained skills: Aracana (8), Athletics (8), Nature (12), Perception (12)

Passive Insight: 15

Passive Perception: 22

Weapons: Staff of Knives +2 (transforms from a staff into a dagger at will as a minor action)

At Will Powers: Chaos Bolt | Blazing Starfall

Encounter Powers: Second Wind | Elven Accuracy | Bedeviling Burst | Spectral Claw

Daily Powers: Chromatic Orb | Sun’s Illumination

Utility Powers: Nature Sense | Chaotic Defense


Azura Wildclaw (formerly Azura Shadowsbane)

The inspiration for this character comes from the fantasy series The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) and the character Blödhgarm.

Blödhgarm is an elf who has taken on wolf-like physical attributes, for example, he has rippling blue-black fur covering his body, sharp claws and a musky odour that attracts females. He leads a group of skilled fighter elves, others of which have altered appearances. It is suggested that these elves have dwelt apart from the civilised elves for some time, and that their unusual appearance is a form of bodily self-modification.

Azura Shadowsbane was among the first wave of Elves to come to the aid of the people of Sevarr during the Great Demon War. She was a warrior, wielding a magical great-sword to devastating effect. Not only was she deadly with a blade, Azura was skilled in wielding arcane magic. She drew upon the power of that swirling vortex, the Elemental Chaos, to smite the enemy with powerful blue bursts of energy that burned so hot, often no trace was left of those who were struck.

But, tirelessly though the elves did fight, waves upon waves of demons continued to pour into Sevarr from the Abyss. Azura poured all her energy into defeating the foe, cutting them down one by one with her blade, or destroying many at once with one of her powerful blasts of blue energy.

Amidst the battle, as she began the forms which signalled one her most deadly attacks, one in which blue flames leapt from the blade of her sword to smite the enemy, she stumbled, unable to take hold of the magic she so often wielded. Frantically, she tried again to grasp the arcane energy that had always lain just beyond her fingertips. But there was nothing there. Sevarr had been cut away from all other planes by the Cooramoorian wizards and thus, Azura had been cut off from the source of her power.

Fighting for breath, and desperately afraid, Azura managed to lunge forward once more and resume her attack against the oncoming demons. Her fury was great, as was her pain and her fear. She felt as if her heart had been ripped from her body. Despite this, she was able to overcome a great many of the foe that day and eventually the enemy was beaten back. Once the battle was over, Azura slunk away, heart-sick, to the forests around Cooramoor.

Feeling that she could never again be the great sword-mage known as Azura Shadowsbane, she cast off her name, and sought out the oldest tree in the Cooramoorian forest. Removing her golden armour and her magical great sword, she carefully wrapped them in her cloak and buried them deep with the hollow of the old tree.

Feeling a terrible sense of shame and despair, she knelt beside the tree, knowing that there was no way for her to seal the sword within the tree so that no-one would ever find it, and so that she herself could never again wield it. But something tugged at the farther reaches of her mind. She reached out towards it and discovered that the forest was alive with magic of its own. Amazed, but too weary to be truly curios, she spoke quietly to the tree, telling it of her wish to seal up the sword. The tree consented, and before her eyes, the bark began to close up over the hollow and vines wound themselves around the base of the tree, disguising all traces of the sword’s hiding place.

Breathing a sigh of relief and content for the first time since the shattered connection to her home world, Azura left the tree, and without looking back walked deeper into the forest. Azura Shawdowsbane was never seen again. Though, today, many whisper that she lives still, in the forests around Cooramoor.

An age passed and the woods surrounding the city of Cooramoor, now home to the Eladrin, become more and more wild, more fey. From time to time, the Elves living in the forest caught glimpses of a strange creature with bright blue fur, and golden slitted eyes like a cat. Quite what she was, no-one knew, but Elf parents began to whisper to their unruly children the tale of Wildclaw – the fey creature with claws sharp enough to carve into even the most ancient of trees. If you saw an ancient rune carved into the bark of a tree, you were fated to be Wildclaw’s next victim!

Or so the story went…

But, deep in the heart of the new Feywild, an ancient being was secretly training herself in the arcane arts. Or perhaps retraining. She learned to manipulate the wild magic of nature, the magic that stemmed from the earth, the trees, the wind, the flowing water of the rivers and even the harsh white lightning of the storm. And she trained for war.

As she grew more adept at wielding the wild magic, she began to keep a record of her progress and the secrets she had learned by carving runes into random trees within her territory. She was able to do this without the aid of her dagger, as over the centuries her body had changed…

Thick, glossy blue fur now covered her entire body, protecting her from the elements and eliminating her need for garments or any kind. Her eyes had changed as well, she noted when looking into a forest pool. They were no longer blue, but golden and slitted like a cat’s. And where she had once had fine fingernails, she now had strong, razor-sharp claws.

She had heard a name whispered in the forest, too. The wind rustling through the leaves seemed to speak to her. “Wildclaw…”, they whispered. “Azura Wildclaw…” And so she was reborn. No longer a sword-mage and no longer desperate to return to her home world. She was truly of Sevarr, wild and powerful and wielding an as yet unheard of form of magic. And Azura vowed to hide in the shadows no longer, but to seek out the evil infecting her new home and destroy it at all costs.

Azura Wildclaw

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