Pan & Tink

The Boy Who Never Grew Up.


Warlord (Leader)

AC = 24 | Fort = 17 | REF = 15 | Will = 16

HP = 53 | Spd = 5 | Init = +6

Weapons: Pan bears a wooden sword that he and Tink made from the fallen branch a tree. Tink is his armour, Tink is his shield.

Basic Attack 11 vs AC. Short Sword 1d6+5

Trained skills: Aracana (9), Athletics (14), Diplomacy (10), Endurance (11), Heal (7)

Passive Insight: 12 Passive Perception: 12


When Errich The Brave found that his son was the sole survivor of a Demon raid in The Last War he instructed the Sprite ‘Tink’ to carry him far away with the instructions: “ensure no harm comes to this boy”.

Tink flew the baby Pan to a tiny island in the north-west of Sevarr where he was adopted by a local family of humans but when, after 12 years the boy had not grown to much more than three and a half feet tall they abandoned the child in the wild, and left him to die.

Thinking himself an eternal child, as the Human inhabitants of the island had, Pan began to surround himself with a band of other children and, with the aid of Tink, they would fly and fight. but his ‘Lost Boys’ grew up one by one while he stayed young. During the dying days of The Last War a group of Demons attacked the Island and Pan and his Lost Boys defended it.

As the ‘Lost Boys’ became heroes, and hailed as men, Pan realised that he would never find peace on the island, and left in search of ‘Neverland’: the home of the fairies. He searched the world far and wide and found many wonderous things but no fairies.

Pan had almost given up, and was ready to return to the island, when he came across a pointy-eared man who told him of a far off world…

Pan & Tink

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