Sven Skildbiter

The leader of the band of the Red Skulls, a human raiding party


When Azura ventures forth from her forest territory in search of war, she comes across a human band of fighters led by Sven Skildbiter. Their band took to terrorising demon enclaves after their village, Asgard, was destroyed.

Azura offers her skills as a sorcerer to the band to aid their effort, but Sven scoffs at this suggestion. “What use is a weakling magic-wielder to us?” he asks, “We kills demons with our bare hands!”. The band roars behind him.

Not to be put off, Azura calmly out waits the laughter and says simply, “Let me prove my worth in your next encounter. You will see what I can do”, and walks away.

Sure enough, come the next raid into demon territory when the band is suddenly outnumbered by countless hordes of demons, Azura appears. Stamping her foot, she causes a great rift to appear beneath the feet of the oncoming demons and waves of them simply topple into the newly-appeared chasm. With an all-mighty crunching sound, the rift closes up, leaving no trace of itself or the thousands of demons who were unlucky enough to fall in.

Needless to say, that whilst shaken and a little unnerved by what they have just witnessed, Sven and the rest of the band are suitably impressed. They warmly welcome Azura into their band of the Red Skulls.

However, after months of fighting and watching their comrades die whilst the demons numbers seem unabated, the band grows mutinous and demands to return to the remains of their village and attempt to rebuild their lives.

Azura, too, is weary and parts with the band, returning home to her forest where she can rest and recover her strength.

Sven Skildbiter

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