Alain the Blue

A young and desperate wizard


AC = 20 | Fort = 17 | REF = 21 | Will = 21

HP = 42 | Spd = 6 | Init = +7

Weapons: Alain bears an Arcane Tome and a Wizards Orb


Alain was born in Engul, the son of a Tavern Keeper, and one of his barmaids. The girl lost her job when she became pregnant, and was unable to keep the boy. She left him at Tameside College, the largest and most prestigious Wizard College in the city.

As Alain grew up he was constantly surrounded by magic and magicians. He was an avid reader and a very quick learner, and by the age of ten, knew more of magic than many first year students. Alain knew his way around the College, and knew the habits and practices of the Wizards. He was able to sneak into and out of many of the places within the College, and used his knowledge to further his learning of the Magic Arts.

At the age of 15 Alain was caught sneaking into a Transmutation Lesson, and was severely reprimanded by the Dean of the College. The Dean realised that Alain was a very skilled young man, who would one day become an extremely skilled wizard. He was loath to send the boy away, but could not allow him free run of the College any longer. The Dean offered Alain as an apprentice to any of the college professors who would take him.

But College Professors are a stodgy bunch, who all felt that the boy was too young, and that one could not be taught magic until the reached the age of 18 and their bodies had calmed down and stopped producing icky hormones and such.

Only one Professor was interested in taking on Alain as an apprentice. Dreamlion the Blue, a Wizard of the twelfth school, who did not teach classes, and kept a single room at the top of an otherwise abandoned tower at the rear of the campus.

When Alain was taken back to Dreamlion’s Tower he was eager to learn all that he could. Dreamlion was also impatient for the boy to learn as much as he could, in order to introduce Alain to his pet project.

Dreamlion was secretly a scion of the Planar Wizards of Old Cooramoor, and was dedicated to re-opening Planar Travel. His tower was home to a number of experiments, all aimed at tearing open the inter-planar fabric once again. To date, he had been unsuccessful, unable to even detect the planar fabric that he was sure was there.

Alain was quick to grasp the matters at hand, and soon became a valuable assistant to Dreamlion. With Alain’s assistance, Dreamlion finally began to make headway in his goals. The Dean was pleased to have finally found a solution to young Alain, and was doubly pleased that he would no longer have to deal with the creepy Dreamlion on so often a basis.

One evening, about six months after Alain was apprenticed to Dreamlion, as the staff were sitting down to dinner, the doors boomed open to reveal Alain standing in the doors, short of breath. “Quickly!” he called, “you must come quickly! There is not much time!!” He grasped the nearest wizard and began to haul him towards the door.

The staff were too shocked to react to Alain’s inappropriate handling of a senior staff member and followed him out the door. As Alain began to hurry towards Dreamlion’s Tower, the clocks began to strike 8pm. Alain stopped as he heard the clocks. “I’m too late,” he gasped, as he skidded to a halt.

The Dean stepped forward to demand to know what was going on. As he reached for Alain’s shoulder, Dreamlion’s Tower exploded in a huge gout of flame.

As the staff stepped back in shock and surprise, The flames revealed Alain’s face to the Dean for the first time. He was amazed to see that Alain had matured a surprising amount in the last six months. In fact, he now appeared to be a young man of at least 18, with a stunning maturity in his eyes and stance. His clothes were worn and his hair was long and tied at the back of his neck. Alain glanced at the Dean and signaled him to step aside.

Once they were away from the others, Alain began to explain.

“So, I suppose you’ve noticed that I’m a little different than the last time you saw me? Well, It’s been about three years for me since that explosion happened. Both Dreamlion and I were caught in it. We had been investigating Planar Travel. That explosion didn’t kill me, it sent me through the planes, into the Elemental Chaos. Dreamlion didn’t make it. I don’t even know if he survived. I’ve spent the last three years trying to get back, and struggling to stay alive. I’ve managed to recreate the experiment that went wrong tonight, but not perfectly. I don’t think I can control when I travel to, or where. But you see what this means? It might be possible to re-open the Ways!”

The Dean was shocked to hear this story, it was too much information to process all at once, so he leapt upon the one fact that he knew for certain.

“You were experimenting with Planar Travel? You know full well that such studies are strictly prohibited in this school! You’re expelled boy!”

Alain was shocked that the Dean would focus on such a petty fact. Then realised that he didn’t care what the Dean did. He had learned so much in the past three years, that he was no doubt at a level that the College could teach him little of real use.

He gathered the energy that he had stored from the Elemental Chaos and released it into the air in front of him, tearing a hole in reality allowing him to pass from this world. Unsure where, or even when he would emerge he stepped into the portal.

As he did so, he turned to the Dean. “I’m leaving now. I’m going to study this, and I’m going to make it work again. You’ll hear from me again one day.”


Alain is headstrong and overconfident. He has the ability to learn very quickly, and this leads to him overstepping his abilities. He has a greater knowledge of Planar Travel than any other living being, having been the only person to successfully (up to a point) travel to another Plane since the Severing of the Ways.

Alain is prone to rash decisions and snap judgements, and will most definitely hold a grudge.

He has the ability to travel across Planes, but not the ability to control where or even when he travels to. He believes in knowledge for knowledge sake, with little concern for even his own well being.

He aims to perfect Planar Travel to the point that it is again safe and reliable. He also wants to find out what happened to Dreamlion, his mentor, as he believes that he may have also survived the accident and may be stranded within the Elemental Chaos.

Failing that, Alain wants to be able to return to the day of that fateful explosion, and prevent himself and Dreamlion from undertaking the experiment.

Alain the Blue

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