Older Brother of Texh'affleckern


Raffe’ialserter (The Deserter) is a fugitive of The Paper Fan. He is the eldest son of Zak’akursori and Madi’auvlen, and 6 years the senior of his brother Texh’affleckern. Before he deserted his clan, he was known as Raffe’iavisors (The Eyes). [Personality similar to Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko]


Raffe is the youngest initiate to be accepted into apprenticeship. At 14, he was selected to train under Mic’akkordi (The Rough). Though weak in build, Raffe possessed abnormally sharp eyesight and was a child prodigy in strategic combat. He remained an apprentice for only two years before being promoted to a Captain of an assassin squad, also the youngest to ever do so at 16.


Renown as an exceptional strategist, Raffe ran a highly successful assassination squad. During a mission 7 years ago, he mysteriously attacked his squad members, rendering them unconscious. He abandoned the mission and has not been seen since.

Relationship with Texh

Raffe doted on his younger brother and would often spend time helping Texh with his training. Texh still remembers his brother fondly and is enraged when others speak ill of Raffe.


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