6'4" / 200 lb. / 18 yo. Two-Blade Ranger


Class & Build

Race: Harforc
Class: Two-Blade Ranger
Multi: Fighter Avenger
Ranger Special: Prime Shot
Fighter Special: Student of One-Handed Weapons


STR: 18 (21)
CON: 11 (11)
DEX: 12 (15)
INT: 10 (10)
WIS: 13 (12)
CHA: 8 (8)


Lv 1: Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword
Lv 2: Quick Draw
Lv 4: Student of the Sword (Fighter Multiclass) (Retrained)
Lv 6: Two-Weapon Fighting


Lv 4: Student of the Sword (Fighter Multiclass) > Disciple of Divine Wrath (Avenger Multiclass)


Texh’affleckern was born Texh in the clan of The Paper Fan to his mother Madi’auvlen (The Systematic) and father Zak’akursori (The Cursor) in The Firesteap Village. Upon completing his training as an assassin initiate, he was renamed Texh’affleckern (The Flickering) because of his prodigious speed of movement. Presiding over the apprenticeship exhibition, Chieftainess Valeri’iangriff remarked “His movement is the fastest I have ever seen from an initiate… truly you do not even see [his sword], only the flickering.”

Leaving the Clan

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Texh was a prime candidate to be chosen by one of the three master captains to be his apprentice. After the exhibition, the master Mic’akkordi (The Rough) was announced as Texh’s would-be-instructor. However Texh’s inability to control his personal demons surrounding his brother and a forbidden relationship with Kuranai of Kurwund would sway his decision reject the apprenticeship, instead choosing to leave the clan on independent training.


Mother: Madi’auvlen was known in the clan as “The Systematic” due to her timed and focused approach with her crossbow. She is most well known for taking down a horde of demons with a single arrow by bouncing it around a corner on an angle and setting off a trap. She was killed during skirmish with wizards from The Wheel clan.

Father: Main article

Brother: Main article

Kuranai of Kurwund

Kuranai is a beastmaster initiate of The Kurwund clan. She is a classmate and the closest friend of Texh. Their resulting romantic relationship is highly frowned upon by the people of both clans. Her beast is a small brown bear named Sheshu. [Disposition similar to a grown-up version of Princess Mononoke. Loud and brash]


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