When the gods left Sevarr to explore the universe, and to create new worlds, one of them remained behind to watch over the world of Sevarr and to guide and protect the inhabitants. This one was called Elu by the peoples of Sevarr.

Elu watched over the world for many centuries, guiding the development of the peoples, and protecting them from dangers.

But soon, Elu became restless and unhappy with his role as protector of the planet, and was keen to leave and explore the universe like his brethren before him. He began to influence the peoples of Sevarr to develop technologies and practices that were dangerous, in the hope that they would result in a disaster that would destroy the world, freeing him to leave.

When Humans released the Demonic Scourge upon the world, Elu was pleased to see his plans coming to fruition. He directed the Demons from behind the scenes, encouraging them to destroy.

The formation of the Alliance was unwelcome news to Elu, moreso when they began to force the Demons back. Elu, enraged, and desperate to be free, took to the filed on the side of the Demons and forced the Alliance back again. But his final victory was not to be.

The Alliance forced the Demons back again, and fought and cast down Elu. As Elu fell to the ground, his soul shattered into pieces, and scattered over the face of the world.

With the loss of Elu, the world of Sevarr has no divine protection, and no guidance.


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